What is the nature of the disease of the Egyptian Al-Ahly legend Emad tired


What is the nature of the disease of the Egyptian Al-Ahly legend Emad tired

The former Al-Ahly club and Egypt player, Emad Miteb, raised the concern of his fans after suffering a sudden health crisis, amid anticipation to know the results of the medical examinations he will conduct.

Despite the clarity of Miteb’s suffering from a health problem during his appearance in television interviews, he completely refuses to talk about the details of his illness in the media and believes that these matters should not be circulated publicly, which was evident during his last television appearance, after he refused to talk about any matters related to his illness, saying: “I, praise be to God, do not need anything, and God willing, when the world opens, I will travel abroad to check on some needs and return,” without revealing any details or the nature of the tests that he will undergo.

And the player, famous for “tired goalkeepers”, announced a while ago through his account on “Twitter”, that he underwent surgery, he also did not disclose any details about it, but confirmed that the operation prevented him from appearing on television.

Mutaib was subsequently infected with the Corona virus, and then reappeared on television, with a change in his facial features and weight.

Media reports stated that Miteb underwent eye surgery, and suggested that the repercussions of his infection with the Corona virus were behind the state of fatigue that appeared on his face in the recent period.

And reports indicated that Miteb will go to England after lifting travel restrictions to check on his health, after he suffered a lot during his infection with the Corona virus recently.

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