What is the story of Bir Barhout, which Yemenis call “the bottom of Hell”?


بِر برهوت

photo released, AFP

Stories and legends abound about Bir Barhout in the desert of Al-Mahra Governorate, in eastern Yemen, and people believe that it is inhabited by jinn.

It is believed that the depth of the giant crater ranges between 100 and 250 meters, and the diameter of its crater is about 30 meters, and it is known for an unpleasant smell emerging from its depths, according to “AFP”.

photo released, AFP

The Yemeni authorities do not know what is at the bottom of the well. The Director of the Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Authority, Salah Babhair, told AFP that the authority was unable to reach a depth of more than 50 meters inside the well, due to the lack of oxygen.

He added: “We noticed inside it things and strange smells that we did not know what it was,” describing the situation there as “strange.”

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