What is the truth behind preventing Egyptian and Gulf women from staying in hotels without a “mahram” in Egypt?


On social media, you occasionally read testimonies from women who were prevented from staying in hotels in Egypt because they were alone. They are called “security instructions”. But the matter turned into a controversy recently, prompting the Ministry of the Interior to issue a clarification statement.

Egyptian hotels refuse to let women go there alone, and the Ministry of Interior clarifies

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Is it possible for the management of a hotel to refuse to reserve a room for you because you are a woman alone, neither a husband nor a man from your family with you? The answer may seem no closer. But this may actually happen in Egypt, although there is no law that prevents women from staying in a hotel on their own.

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior published a statement on Tuesday, stressing that “there are no instructions or decisions for hotels and tourist facilities not to allow Egyptian women or citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries who are under the age of 40 to reside in them without a “mahram”.

Some of those who interacted with the ministry’s statement saw it as insufficient if it was not accompanied by measures that deter hotels from refusing to accommodate women alone.

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