Who is Mohamed Rassem, whose birthday Google celebrates?


The famous search engine Google celebrated the 125th anniversary of the birth of the Algerian painter Mohamed Racim, who was born in 1896 in the Kasbah district. From an ancient family in plastic arts, which made Mohamed Rasim interested since his childhood in the art of miniature and made him master it with amazing speed.

Later, members of Mohamed Rasim’s family helped and the Algerian artist devoted his whole life to this art, which greatly contributed to his fame.

Muhammad Rasim received the “Casa Vlasquez” scholarship, which allowed him to visit Spain, Andalusia, where Islamic civilization was at the height of its eras, and he also visited London, where he studied marine engineering.

After his return, Mohamed Rasim organized his first exhibition in Algeria, and then resided in Paris, where he decorated twelve volumes of the book “One Thousand and One Nights.”

He was awarded the Golden Medal by Mohamed Rasim by the Foundation of French Orientalist Painters, and several years later he married the Swedish Karen Bondson, then returned to Algeria, receiving the Artistic Award for Algeria, and then appointed a professor at the School of Fine Arts in Algiers, where he studies the art of Algerian miniatures.


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