“Who is this?” Ahmed Saad beats a young man inside a gas station (full story)


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Great controversy on social networking sites, after what was published about the artist Ahmed Saad, whose pictures appeared during a quarrel with a young man at a gas station, while two others calm him down.

The beginning of the story was what one of the Facebook pioneers published on her personal account, Friday, saying: “Today I was at the Emirates Petrol Station, next to Downtown in New Cairo, and I saw a young man in his twenties who was carrying an egg behind a BMW car, and the Arab woman was returning quickly and the boy was going to mess up. The boy, as a natural reaction, said: Take care when you are back, my love.

The girl, who preferred to publish the details of the incident as an eyewitness, added: “It turned out that the artist who was riding in the Arab world was the artist … Ahmed Saad went to him and said, “Who are you talking about, come on?” The boy replied to him, “Hey? With your words, of course, the words were not on air or on the dignity of Ahmed Saad, who struck the boy with the pen in front of his mother and sister, and all the people were in the petrol station and fell exactly in front of my car and cut off the T-shirt. ».

The eyewitness to the incident concluded her publication by saying: “This situation is benley, we have a value for people who do not deserve them, and their brother-in-law lives in a very normal middle.”

No description available.

After that, the girl added an update to her post, saying that the artist, Ahmed Saad, apologized to the young man after hitting him and tearing his T-shirt, pointing out that she would not leave her right with the singer because he insulted her.

And the girl wrote, in the new update of her post about the incident of Ahmed Saad: “Update: The young man who assaulted him called us and we knew from him that he kicked him and apologized to him that he “hit him” and the matter is concluded .. The post will still exist until this thug gets his punishment.”

On the other hand, the artist Ahmed Saad did not write on his page about the incident, and “Al-Masry Al-Youm” is trying to communicate with the singer to respond to what the girl mentioned through the communication sites.

A security source also stated that the circulating leaflet was examined, but it turned out that the young man had not yet written a report on the incident.

Ahmed Saad’s business manager told Al-Masry Al-Youm that it was a “simple problem and it ended on time.”


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