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The glee that paints the faces of the Egyptian Enlightenment with the defeat of Salafism in its original homeland (Saudi Arabia), is completely indigestible, but it is indigestible to distribute the spoils before the swords are sheathed. The lesson of the Battle of Uhud is present. This is not the time for distributing titles and drinking toasts. The drums of the renewal battle are deafening. I fear the good news will distract us from waging the battle of enlightenment.

Hard is to talk the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him «God sends to this nation at the top of every one hundred years to renew its religion» This will be a renewal institutional century, through thinking institutions, the so-called Western Think Tanks (Arabic version) in the framework of the civil state Modern democracy.

Renewing the religious discourse is an eye imposition on the civil state and its institutions, and an opportunity and opportunity for the pioneers of the enlightenment to take confident steps in winning the civil battle. Crown Prince’s sword!

This is not the time of reckoning on the above. Reckoning is the day of reckoning, and retrospective reckoning pulls us back. Also, this is not the time to declare a victory that has not yet been achieved. We won a war, but the battle is long with a brutal opponent armed with religion, and he will not surrender easily and masters coloring like a chameleon, and cumin like a seal You sleep with half an eye. On this rugged road, we must accompany the proposals of renewal that the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed al-Tayyib, speak. Rather, it requires enlightening support for his virtue within the framework of the institutional enlightenment project of the Egyptian state. Let us put aside the trials and tribulations of the past, and we go as a group to the real battle of enlightenment that has just begun. However, entering into the heart of the battle requires a special kind of courage that is only available in those who are loyal to the idea, whom we call the sincere.

To sum up, we must rally behind the calls to renew the religious discourse that is now being authorized on various platforms. We have wasted seven fat years, during which we were the first to cultivate enlightening and productive ideas. If that happened, the harvest would have been abundant and we would have saved effort, time and import of the available Egyptian product.

For remembrance, and remembrance benefits the enlightened, President Sisi launched his renewal call on “Laylat al-Qadr” on (July 24, 2014), and it was a pleasant surprise, and a formal enlightenment celebration. They celebrated, and then went on their way.

The president insisted on it on 6 occasions, the last of which was during the Al-Azhar Conference for the Renewal of Islamic Thought (January 28/27, 2020), and the Al-Azhar response (at the time) was not at the level of the renewal presidential call for known reasons, and it must be avoided in light of a massive renewal wave hitting the shores. Salafism.

It is known that the presidential invitation was a thunderbolt, and it came from outside the Al-Azhar institution, as if it descended from above, from above the turbans. Antique for religious exclusivity, renewal exclusively in the sheikhdom, we are the renovators, the heirs of the renovators, the masters of renewal and the doors of renewal!

The Al-Azhar movement’s opposition to the renewal presidential call is understandable. Sisi’s call is preparing for the transportation school in favor of the School of Reason, a school that did not enable either within or outside the Al-Azhar institution, but rather expelled the pursuit of exile and displacement in the farthest corners of the earth.

Al-Sisi’s call at the time shocked the locomotives of the transport stream that traveled on the Salafi (Wahhabi) tracks.

Not to mention the Brotherhood’s black political hatred, and the spending of the international terrorist organization by those who do not fear poverty to abort the presidential call within the terrorist project to destroy the infrastructure of the new civil republic.

In addition to the rejection of the Salafist Salafiyyah (Wahhabi) in all its spectrums of the presidential invitation, the veiling of faces, the management of appearance, and desertion from it, as they demonstrated in the rejection of documenting verbal divorce, a political blunt rejection that is not surprising from them, and this is a natural confinement, such as a hedgehog and its thorns start in defense, and sharpening crows Their beaks are fierce to peck heads, an enlightened call to renew religious discourse that the birds of darkness fear.

Al-Sisi’s call, at that time, was not a whisper or a silent speech, as our brothers in Omdurman say, but rather a call to plow the land (the mudflat) from the rays of the Salafists, fanning it and exposing it to the sun of enlightenment. On the Egyptian mind, its thinking cells were disrupted, and its creative powers were damaged for a long time.

Yes, the neighborhood beacon is not happy. If I came across President Sisi’s call to renew religious discourse (at the time in 2014) with sufficient Azhari support (at that time), Egypt would have had another face, a face that was radiant from the impact of civilization!

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