Why did Cairo announce the end of the Palestinian factions’ dialogue before it begins?


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Dr. Tarek Fahmy, Director of the Israeli Studies Unit at the National Center for Studies, stressed that Cairo is still the biggest supporter of the Palestinian cause, and will continue to support despite the postponement of the national dialogue in Cairo indefinitely.

Fahmy added, on the “Behind the Event” program, on the “Al-Ghad” channel, on Thursday evening, that it is necessary to reach consensus between the Palestinian factions and the two movements of Hamas and Fatah, and that there be a strong ground on which consensus is based for the sake of Palestine and not to achieve personal interests, noting that the mediator Al-Masry wants an agenda put forward for consensus among all forces and factions.

The director of the Israeli Studies Unit at the National Center for Studies indicated that each of the factions wants to implement its agenda and achieve its demands, despite the lack of political will away from forming a national unity government under the umbrella of liberation, pointing out that there are other sub and partial files, including the file of the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, unlike other variables. Gradually lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip.

Dr. Tariq Fahmy also stressed that each party adheres to its direct proposal, adding that there must be theses that serve the public interest and not personal interests, which is what Cairo seeks and adheres to in the presence of common ground between the factions.

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