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The artist’s name, Shams Al-Baroudi, topped social networking sites after a picture of her accompanied by her husband, artist Hassan Youssef, spread in their latest appearance.

The two took the photo in a “selfie” way, and a large number of pioneers of social networking interacted with the photo, especially that the retired artist Shams Al-Baroudi is rare to appear, and a number of the audience thought, would the retired artist return to acting.

The artist, Hassan Youssef, denied what was circulated during the last period, about the return of his wife, the artist Shams Al-Baroudi, to acting, according to the Sada El-Balad website.

The artist, Hassan Youssef, said that it is completely unlikely, what is being circulated are just baseless rumors, and confirmed that she is not thinking about this matter.

On the rumor of his death; The artist, Hassan Youssef, confirmed, in an intervention on the “Ninth” program, presented by the journalist Wael El-Ibrashi, broadcast on Egyptian television, “It became normal news, today I received a rumor about the death of Shams Al-Baroudi.”

The artist Hassan Youssef added, “The Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, forbade intimidation, for a Muslim does not terrify his Muslim brother, and the news of deaths terrifies people, and age is in the hands of God,” explaining, “I read the news of my serious illness, and I drank a dish of lentil soup with lemon.”

The artist Hassan Youssef explained, “Shams Al-Baroudi is a skilled and intelligent cook who loves to eat Syrian food, and about embodying the personality of Pope Shenouda, in a work of art. The artist Hassan Youssef said: “I don’t mind because Pope Shenoudas personality is a personality that concerns the Christians of the world and not only Egypt, and everyone must stand up.” behind him, but I think that Majid Al-Kidwani is better than me in presenting the personality of the late Pope Shenouda; Because of his body and shape.

Shams Al-Baroudi is currently 75 years old. She was born on October 4, 1945, and is considered a rare media appearance, but about a year ago she decided to respond to the news of her return to acting again after years of retirement, as she said in an intervention on one of the programs that she decided to retire more than She is 37 years old, but she is not thinking of returning to acting again, and pointed out that she left the field of acting before the birth of her youngest son, Omar Hassan Youssef.

Shams Al-Baroudi retired from art at the beginning of the eighties after her last movie, “Two on the Road”, and wore the veil and veil for a while and retired from the spotlight since that time, and her last appearance was about two years ago with her family, before she reappeared in the new image.



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