Will the salaries of Google employees change if they return to the offices again?


As different parts of the world face an ongoing struggle to contain the latest waves of Covid-19, it is becoming increasingly difficult for tech giants to come up with a unified policy requiring their employees to come to offices.

Google, the internet search giant, was among those companies that didn’t always make the option to work from home, unlike Twitter and Facebook which gave employees the option to work from home “forever.” Now, the company has introduced a new tool – called the Workplace Tool – For its employees to request permanent remote workers or request any change in the office location.

According to a report by CNET, the company will adjust its employees’ compensation to local area rates and its tool will allow them to see roughly how their pay might change depending on location as they will move away from high-expense living areas to smaller towns.

According to the report, the tool lists several factors that Google will consider while giving the new salary estimate, while a Google spokeswoman told CNET: “With our new hybrid workplace, more employees are thinking about where they live and how they work,” and “to provide people With the information they need to better explore their options, we’ve built a tool that allows all employees to request to move to a new location or move remotely.”

There is no information on whether this happens to Google employees only in the United States or worldwide.


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