With a bare chest – watch a bold and hot dance link by Fifi Abdo


Thank you for reading the news about Bosdr Arian – watch a bold and hot dance link by Fifi Abdo and now with the details

Aden – Yasmine Al-Tohamy – Many social media pioneers circulated news and news of the death of the show dancer, Fifi Abdo, after her suffering with the disease that she did not reveal.

Fifi Abdo came out with a new video of her through her personal account on the social networking site Instagram and denied these rumors that she talked about.

And she appeared in the video, offering a hot dance link, and a comment was attached in which she said: “Askizumi remained a billion kroner, may God protect us.”

The audience and followers of the show dancer rejoiced when the dance compass came out, which some considered hot, daring and unacceptable.

Some wondered about her ability to dance in light of her illness and the development of her health condition, and at a time she asked for supplication, indicating that she could not move, while some indicated that the video was an old one that she used now to discredit the rumor in a funny way.


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