With one call.. A business agent gets what Ronaldo earns in 8 months


According to several sources, including “Sky Sports”, the young Italian goalkeeper will sign Gianluigi Donnarumma5-year contract, with Paris Saint-Germain, France, coming from AC Milan Italian.

and will get paid Donnarumma 12 million euros a year, in a “huge” contract, will make him the second richest goalkeeper after the German Manuel NeuerBayern Munich goalkeeper.

According to the sources, the protagonist of the deal was the famous business agent, Mino Raiola, who quickly settled his agent’s deal, after Milan announced that the contract with him would not be renewed, due to his high demands.

With one call, Raiola finishedى Donnarumma transfer deal, to Saint-Germain, and also agreed with the French club to receive 20 million euros, commission for the deal.

In a few days of phone calls, Mino Raiola made an amount higher than the annual salary of most of the major football stars, and with that deal, he was close to the salary of the Portuguese star. Cristiano Ronaldo.

With the success of the deal, Raiola earned more than the French star’s salary Kylian Mbappe Annual (18 million euros), and earned the same annual Polish Lewandowski salary, and entered the same category Ronaldo and NeymarThey earn 30 million euros annually.

Thus, Raiola got from the Donnarumma deal, what Ronaldo earns in 8 months.

The Italian Raiola is considered one of the “fisiest” business agents in football, and he previously earned a similar amount from a transfer Paul Pogba to Manchester United.

Raiola is expected to receive a similar amount next year when he oversees the sale of his Norwegian client Erling Haaland For one of Europe’s top, he is the most sought-after talent in the world of football.


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