With rising temperatures, meteorology publishes important instructions for citizens at home


The Meteorological Authority published instructions to citizens on its Facebook page, with the onset of the heat wave, in response to the question: “What are the measures to be taken by the public?”

Keeping the house cool
Work to keep your living space cool. Check the room temperature between eight and ten in the morning and one in the afternoon and at night after ten in the evening. Ideally, the room temperature should be kept below 32°C during the day and 24°C at night. This is especially important for infants, people over the age of 60, or those with chronic health conditions.

Use the night air to cool your home. Open all windows and closing mechanisms at night and in the early morning, when the outside temperature is lower (if it is safe to do so).

Reduce thermal loads inside the apartment or house. Keep windows and locking mechanisms (if available), especially those facing the sun during the day. Turn off artificial light switches and as many electrical appliances as possible.
Hang sunscreens, blinds, covers, or awnings on windows that reflect the morning or afternoon sun.

Hang wet towels to cool the room air. Note that the air humidity increases at the same time.

If your home is air conditioned, close the doors and windows and provide electricity that is not needed to keep cool, ensuring that the electricity is still available and reduces the possibility of power outages and it is important to drink fluids.
Stay away from the heat as much as possible.

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