Witness: Hala Shiha raises controversy by not promoting “Not Me”


The Egyptian actress, Hala Shiha, was able to provoke controversy and become the talk of the public during the past few days, after many of them asked questions and expressed their surprise at her behavior and the decisions she made after her marriage to the Islamic preacher Moez Masoud.The audience was surprised that Shiha ignored the promotion of her new movie “Mesh Ana” with Tamer Hosni, and her photos were deleted from her personal account on the photo-sharing application (Instagram), which raised questions about her desire to retire again, according to (her).

The filmmakers had presented his promo on the fourth of this June, but the artist did not interact with him, although she participated in it, and by searching her account on (Instagram), it was found that she had deleted many photos from behind the scenes of the film with Tamer, as well as the photos she took during Her participation in the El Gouna Film Festival, and other photos from various activities.

What also raised speculations about the possibility of a solution heading for retirement again, is that her role in the film, as was evident in the promo, appears to be of a small area; What made some believe that she demanded to reduce the space for her role after her marriage.

It is reported that since Hala Shiha’s marriage to Moez Masoud last February, the artist has not published any photos of her own, except for a family photo she collected with her children with Masoud, while the other photos were limited to the artistic events that she interacts with, whether by obituary or praying for recovery. for some patients.

In addition, Hala replaced her Instagram account profile picture with one in which she puts something like a veil on her head, which raised speculation about the possibility of her wearing the veil again.

Despite all these questions and inquiries about these matters that have caught the attention of the public in recent times, Hala Shiha remains silent and has not responded to her, waiting for comment on her to resolve the controversy.

It is noteworthy that Hala Shiha had initially married Hani Adel, a member of the Downtown team, but her marriage to him did not last long, after which she announced her retirement from art and wore the hijab and married a Canadian person who had converted to Islam several years before their marriage and had four children from him. .

In 2018, Hala Shiha announced the news of her return to acting after taking off the veil and retiring for about 12 years.


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