Yahya Al-Sinwar: God has decreed that we “marked” Tel Aviv.


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The head of the Hamas political bureau in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Al-Sinwar, warned against changing the shape of the Middle East if the confrontation with Israel erupts again, this came during a meeting with writers, academics and professors in Gaza universities.

Al-Sinwar added: The Palestinian normalization and division and the international situation encouraged Israel to aggression, adding: It will not be able to impose its alleged reality in Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarrah.

He pointed out that the resistance is able to achieve deterrence and was able to make the accumulated force impossible. He continued: God Almighty has decreed that we “marmart” Tel Aviv, and that what is hidden is greater, explaining that in the last missile launch that was prepared, the decision was to launch all the old missiles.

He continued: Our besieged resistance from the enemy can destroy Tel Aviv with 130 missiles with one thrust, we turned it into a “mop” and the resistance stopped it on one leg, stressing that the occupation destroyed only “fractures” of the resistance tunnels in the Gaza Strip, explaining that the Palestinian resistance includes a number of its ranks. A large number of graduate degree holders.

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