Yasmine Abdel Aziz hides her daughter’s face at her graduation ceremony.. Photo | news


Actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz celebrated her eldest daughter Yasmine’s graduation from university.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz published a picture of her daughter in her arms with her face completely hidden.

Yasmine had published a video of her daughter’s graduation celebration, and she was keen to film it from a distance so as not to show her face, especially since she had not appeared with her before on any occasion or even published a picture of her.

It is reported that Yasmine Abdel Aziz did not show any of her children’s features at all through social networking sites, despite the spread of a group of photos that were reported to be her, but Yasmine denied some or ignored the response to others.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s last work was in Ramadan 2021, and it is the series “The One who does not want Kabir” starring Ahmed Al-Awadi, Khaled Al-Sawy, Khaled Sarhan, Dina Fouad, Donia Abdel Aziz, Fattouh Ahmed, Aida Riad, Badria Tolba, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, Ahmed Saeed Abdel Ghani. , Iman El-Sayed, Mahmoud Hafez, Basant El-Nabrawy, Hoda El-Etreby, Ahmed El-Rafei, Mahmoud Yassin “Junior” and others. It is produced by Synergy Company, producer Tamer Morsi, script and dialogue by Amr Mahmoud Yassin, directed by Mostafa Fekry.

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