Yasmine Sabry with a simple look… but her price is fantastic


The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, recently appeared in elegant summer clothes and coordinated with her accessories from the most important international brands at fantastic prices, which made her the focus of the attention of followers and their comments.

In her latest appearance, Yasmine chose a “Plisse” skirt with a summer fabric in which several colors overlapped, bearing the signature of the international fashion house Versace, and its price is about 2880 US dollars, and she coordinated with it a soft white “top” with a simple design. She completed her look with elegant transparent high-heeled shoes from the international brand Aquazzura, with which she coordinated a small handbag from Fendi brand, priced at $3100.

Yasmine was also adorned with a high-end diamond watch from the house of Franck Muller, priced at $ 27,692, which caused a sensation among her followers.

The public interacted widely with Yasmine’s expensive look, exposing her to many criticisms that accused her of displaying the wealth of her husband, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashbma, while many of her fans defended her and praised her enduring elegance.


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