You can intervene to delay it .. 4 common health problems that attack you after the age of forty


There are a range of reasons that put people at risk of developing chronic diseases after the age of forty, and health problems. Ranging from a poor lifestyle, accumulated stress levels, unhealthy eating habits, a weak immune system, andhormonal changes For example, but not limited. According to onlymyhealth

Experts say that some health problems, which affected people at a very late age a few decades ago, are now starting to appear earlier.

People must take steps to control things, by taking action medical examinations Regular and remedial measures. Dr. Ravi Kumar, MD, RV Metropolis Diagnostic and Healthcare Center. He talks about the most important health problems that people suffer from in India after the age of 40.

The 4 most common health problems that affect people after 40:

4) sugar:

There is no doubt that diabetes is the most common disease that people over 40 years of age suffer from. India has 77 million diabetics, the second highest number of diabetes cases in the world, and China leads the group with 116 million diabetics.

There are many factors that can contribute to an increased risk of developing diabetes. Because stress increases with age. Strong genetic factors. Wrong lifestyle.

3) Thyroid gland:

The thyroid gland is a common health problem. People are more likely to encounter it after the age of 40. According to Dr. Kumar. “Earlier, there weren’t many cases. In the early 90’s I used to see very few like 5-6 cases a month. Today we get 800-1000 people coming in for thyroid tests daily probably due to increased awareness of the condition.”

About 1 in 8 women will be affected by a thyroid condition at some point in their lives, the doctor adds. The risk for women is about 10 times higher than for men. While the problem is more prevalent in women in their late forties. Due to a variety of factors such as lifestyle changes, women between the ages of 39 and 40 are increasingly reporting thyroid conditions.

2) High blood pressure:

High blood pressure is a common health problem that people are more likely to face after the age of 40. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, and dietary habits combined with stress, high blood pressure has become very common, especially among those over the age of 40.

When blood pressure remains consistently high, it may increase the risk of heart failure. It increases the risk of stroke, kidney failure, vision loss, and many other complications.

1) Depression:

As you age, your productivity decreases, and you lose more family members or friends, the greater your chances of getting sick.


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