You won’t believe| After an absence of 23 years, the sudden appearance of the son of Hajj Metwally “Samir”


Ayman Mohamed Ayman is considered one of the most prominent new faces that grabbed the spotlight by participating in artworks in childhood, after his remarkable appearance in a limited number of artworks.

Ayman has completely moved away from acting and is currently working in the field of aviation. His last appearance was through the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally”, where he embodied the role of the child Samir, the son of Nour Sharif in the events; Since then, he has disappeared from public view.

It is worth mentioning the first artwork in which Ayman participated, the song “Fakrak Ya Nasini” with the artist Mohamed Fouad, then with the artist Adel Imam in two successive films, namely: “Message to the Governor” and “Hello America”.

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