You won’t believe who this kid is| A famous artist and his father, Adel Imam’s brother, in his most famous films


A photo album we used to browse together, revealing to us every day a rare and different picture of one of the artists, whether young or old. Childhood, and today a new image of a famous young artist, who inherited his talent from his father, the famous artist as well.

Ibn al-Waz is a common man, a sentence that we always say, and here we see it in front of us in a vivid example. The father of this child presented with the leader, Adel Imam, his most famous film, Which:

Shams Al-Zanati.

Hanafi al-Baba, who was his brother.

Now it is easy to know this artist, he is Abdullah Mahmoud, and who is in the picture is his son Ahmed, who was about 3 years old.

And these published photos, Ahmed had published through his personal account on Instagram, and through them On his pleasure, he wrote:

“I love your voice, Leah.. I miss speaking with you, Daheri.”

Ahmed appeared on television in a number of artworks, films and series, including: Cabaret Abu Al Arousa, Al Rakeen, Al Hara, Cabaret.

Abdullah Mahmoud was born on December 6, 1966, and died on June 9, 2005 at the age of 41, after a struggle with brain cancer.

Abdullah Mahmoud with his son Ahmed
Abdullah Mahmoud with his son Ahmed

Abdullah Mahmoud with his son Ahmed


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