YouTube expands audio sampling of videos with its shorts service to compete with TikTok


The ability to sample audio from other users’ videos is one of the greatest strengths of TikTok, it allows spread across the platform and allows users to discover new content by watching videos with the same audio.

Soon, YouTube will expand this feature in rival TikTok via its shorts service, allowing users to sample sounds from any content uploaded to YouTube, according to the verege.

YouTube officially announced the feature last month in a community support post, but has announced that it should now be available for the first time in new markets as part of launching Shorts in the United Kingdom, Canada, and a number of Latin American countries (including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela). ).

The YouTube sampling tool will then be rolled out to other short film markets including the US in the coming weeks.

Short film users can already sample other short videos (as well as from the licensed music library), but this update will greatly expand the audio they can easily access.

This feature will direct YouTube users to their shorts feature via a new “Create” button in the mobile app. This will appear below the videos next to the Like and Dislike buttons. Clicking on it will give users the option to test the audio of the video in shorts. Viewers of the short films will also be able to click on the audio in any video to go back to the original source in the appropriate YouTube.

This feature will allow feature-length creators to “benefit by allowing the community to find something interesting in their video,” according to Todd Sherman, YouTube Product Lead.

Users of short films can create something with the audio sample, he says, and audio creators “may get inbound traffic or view from that, so from a longtime creator’s perspective a lot of people are excited to remix their stuff.”


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