Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Mona Zaki puts make-up for herself for the first time… So what was the result?


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The Egyptian star, Mona Zaki, expressed her great happiness for her success for the first time in applying makeup for herself well and satisfactorily for her, noting that she did not believe herself from the joy.
And she shared her followers on “Social Media”, the final result of her makeup for herself, by publishing her picture via the “Story” feature, on her official account on “Instagram”.
The Egyptian star chose warm colors in her makeup, and drew her eyes with a wide eyeliner line, highlighting her wide eyes, and bright red lips, commenting: “I can’t believe that I put a make-up right for myself for the first time.”

The Egyptian artist had previously revealed her most difficult scenes in the series “Newton’s Game”, explaining that she performed many difficult scenes, including her birth scene; It was not filmed in the order as it appeared on the screen, but was filmed in America and Egypt over different months; So it was hard for her to show her strong feelings like this.
Zaki added, in a radio interview, that the court scene, in which she speaks before the judge in order to have her child, was very difficult; For it was full of different feelings, besides it was written in about 6 whole pages that she only spoke, and she had difficulty in memorizing; So it was a challenge for her to come out like this.

The Egyptian star indicated that director Tamer Mohsen does not allow deviation from the script written in the script; So she sticks to it and says the basic meaning and important words of the character, but she can’t say the words literally.
Mona Zaki appeared in the last Ramadan drama, through the series “Newton’s Game”, where she embodied the role of “Hana”, the doctor who traveled to America with the blessing of her husband Muhammad Mamdouh, to put her child there, to obtain American citizenship, but problems and crises began to hit their relationship. Throughout pregnancy.

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