Zahrat Al-Khaleej – The first photo of Muhammad Al-Serafy with his Saudi ex-wife


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It seems that the Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, was able to obtain a picture from the Kuwaiti artist, Muhammad Al-Serafi, of his former Saudi wife, when she hosted him in a media interview a few days ago.

Mai Al-Aidan, the audience, shared on “Instagram”, a picture in which Muhammad Al-Serafi and his ex-wife appeared, who said that it was the Saudi blogger “Dodo”, where she appeared without a veil.

May Al-Aidan left, commenting on the photo, saying: “For the first time, a picture of the artist, Mohammed Al-Serafi, with his ex-wife, the Saudi blogger Dodo.”

The picture did not pass naturally among the followers, as some mocked Muhammad Al-Serafi, as he spoke about his extreme jealousy during the episode with Mai Al-Aidan, while others mocked her name because he did not respond as the name of a Saudi woman before.

In the interview, Muhammad Al-Serafi spoke for the first time about his marriage to a Saudi girl, explaining that that marriage did not last more than two months, and that the relationship between him and her continues so far without any problems, especially as she is a good person.

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Al-Serafi revealed that he benefited from that experience a lot, commenting: “She is still with me, and the blessings in her were beautiful and not veiled.”


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