Zamalek channel for the masses: Soul donate a pound


Khaled Al-Ghandour, the journalist of the Zamalek club channel, appealed to the fans of the White Castle, to go, donate and support the club through the bank account.

Zamalek club officials had revealed that a bank account had been opened in order to receive donations and support the fans through it.

Khaled Al-Ghandour said through the “Zamalkawi” program, “I say to every Zamalek, go donate a pound, we are one family. Any need that succeeds is Lena, I want to pay a pound, it is enough that I see the list of supporters who stand behind the club in the millions, it does not matter how many supported you, in one.” He paid 5 million pounds, and at the beginning of the season, I would see a number coming up.”

And he continued, “The bank account that was launched to support the Zamalek club is wonderful, its number is the date of the founding of the Zamalek club, any lover of the Zamalek club can support his club through the bank account, whether from inside or outside Egypt.”

He continued, “There is an attempt by Zamalek club’s competitors to reduce the matter by mocking it, the goal is to thwart that idea, Al-Ahly is one of the first clubs that sought that idea through donations and support of businessmen, whether Egyptians or Arabs, and this is not a defect, as they wanted to support their club.”

He continued, “In Al-Ahly Club, there are seasonal cards at specific prices and amounts as a kind of support from the fans for the club they love. At the present time, there are no fans, and therefore there are no returns from selling match tickets.”

And he concluded, “Who will support Zamalek and I do not want to say the word “donate” with 10 pounds, like the one who will support him with 50 million pounds, there are many people who have supported the club with different amounts in the bank account, there is optimism for the success of that idea, the fans love Zamalek, and the administration did not expect this amount of money the support”.


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