Zamalek channel: The club will bear the treatment of Razak Cisse in Germany


Khaled Al-Ghandour, presenter of the Zamalek program, said on the Zamalek Club channel that the committee in charge of managing the club decided that the club should bear the costs of Razak Cisse’s treatment.

Al-Ghandour added, during an episode of his program yesterday evening, Thursday, saying: “I have a confirmed information that I learned from Hussein Labib, the head of the committee that runs Zamalek, during my meeting with him, which is that the club will bear the costs of Razak Cisse’s treatment in Germany.”

And the presenter of the Zamalkawi program continued: “Razzaq Cisse was injured with Al-Ittihad and the Chairman of the Alexandrian Club Board of Directors, Mohamed Moselhi, wanted to perform the operation for the player after the season ended, but Zamalek refused and decided to treat Razak at his expense.”

The Alexandrian Federation had announced, in November 2020, the extension of the loan of its Ivorian striker, Razak Cisse, from Zamalek for the fourth consecutive season.


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