Zamalek refuses to give up the winch


The Zamalek administration rejected the idea of ​​dispensing with Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh, the team’s defender, after the end of the current season, after the player received several offers from Gulf clubs, specifically in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The Zamalek administration rejects the idea of ​​abandoning the winch next season to ensure competition for the African Champions League title, in light of the team’s need for its efforts because of its distinguished level and has become one of the best defenders in Africa.

The Zamalek administration is considering amending Mahmoud Al-Wansh’s contract in terms of financial value to compensate him for the offers he received recently, other than the player’s desire to amend his contract and equality with some of his teammates.

Zamalek officials are awaiting a medical report on the case of Ivorian Razak Cisse, the Zamalek player loaned to the Alexandrian Federation, to decide whether or not he will return to Zamalek at the end of the season, after Cisse suffered a knee injury that will keep him out of the stadiums for 3 months, and ended his season with the Alexandrian Union.

The Zamalek administration decided Cisse’s fate before he was injured by his return to the team after he presented a distinguished level with the Alexandrian Federation over the past seasons, but his recent injury prompted the club’s management to ensure his recovery and that the injury would not affect his level after his recovery before making a final decision to return or not.

In the same context, the medical staff of Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria decided that Razak Cisse would undergo knee surgery next Sunday..

Mohamed Anan, the team’s doctor, had tried, through physical therapy, with the player to fade his surgery, but his failure to respond to the stage of physical therapy made him settle for surgery. .

The player suffers from a stress fracture in the knee that needs a period of two to three months to be able to return to training normally. .


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