Zamalek: Sassi received his full dues, and the club’s legal affairs are studying the file


The committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club seeks to take several new steps in a crisis Fergian Sassy Wallz, in order to preserve the rights of the White Castle after the player announced through his personal account on Twitter that the relationship between him and the White Club had ended, indicating that he would reveal the facts in due course.

The legal officials of the Zamalek club are studying the file of the Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi at the present time, in order to study the legal prosecution of the player in the event that he does not complete the current season and does not return on the date set by him before going to Tunisia.

Tariq Jibril, treasurer of the Zamalek club, explained the measures that the club will take in the Ferjani Sassi and Zamalek crisis, in media statements, that Hussein Labib, head of the committee in charge of managing the club, explained everything transparently in this file, indicating that the club did not talk about all matters, leaving some of them. To keep the last thread in the relationship between the two parties.

Jibril added that Sassi is supposed to return to Egypt on June 15 or 16, and the administration is awaiting the player’s position on the return, after which Zamalek’s position will be determined regarding giving permission to the White Castle lawyer to take legal measures.

Jibril also confirmed that Sassi got his dues and they were paid before the deadline he set, indicating that speculation that Sassi would sign for another club may be correct.

The marketing value of Zamalek club reached about 20 million euros, equivalent to 381 million and 570 thousand Egyptian pounds, in the presence of Ferjani Sassi, However, after his departure from the White Castle, Zamalek’s market value fell to 17 million and 800,000 euros, equivalent to 339 million and 600,000 Egyptian pounds.

Ferjani Sassi has participated with Zamalek in 102 games since joining the White Castle, during which he scored 16 goals and made 17 other goals for his teammates.


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