Zamalek: The land of October 6 has been withdrawn… and we are working to restore it


10:36 AM

Monday 07 June 2021

Cairo – Masrawy:

Tariq Jibril, the financial director of Zamalek Club, confirmed that the committee that runs the White Club is working to restore the October 6 land after it was withdrawn, indicating that the concerned authorities support the club.

Jibril said in statements to Zamalek channel: “There was a semi-agreement with the Ministry of Military Production, and it was not a detailed agreement regarding the October 6 branch, and we will study the deal, but before that we must return the land of October 6 first.”

He explained: “The land was taken, and there was a warning that this land did not become our property, and this warning ended, and the reason is that you did not build a “brick”, and this matter is from a construction point of view, not financial, and the money was paid over the past periods.”

And Jibril continued: “I do not want to give justifications, but we are “mistakes”, but in the end the concerned authorities understand that the Zamalek club is a citadel, which is half of Egypt, and giving them a warning is a routine thing.”

And the financial director of Zamalek concluded: “We were surprised by this issue last week, and there are contacts that occurred and, God willing, the earth will prove with us again, and that we start a stage in order to stop this story, and there is support from the concerned authorities and, God willing, there is no problem.”

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