Zamalek: We are waiting for Sassi to return to determine his position on staying


Tariq Jibril, the financial director of Zamalek club, confirmed that the current club management committee is awaiting the return of Tunisian midfielder Ferjani Sassi from his country to determine his final position on staying and renewing the contract or leaving the team.

And Jibril indicated, in statements to On Time Sports, that the club’s management is currently negotiating with the Portuguese former coach Jaime Pacheco, to reach a compromise regarding the crisis of his financial dues.

“We are negotiating with Jaime Pacheco to reach an amicable compromise and end the crisis of his dues,” Jibril said.

He continued, “There is no intention to reduce the football team’s budget, but we will rationalize spending.”

He added, “Until yesterday, there is nothing new for us regarding the renewal of Ferjani Sassi. There is confusion due to the statements of his agent and his lawyer. We expect that there will be something that we cannot declare at the moment.”

He explained, “We are waiting for Sassi to return from Tunisia in the coming days to determine whether he will continue with us in the coming period or not.”

And he added: “I do not like the word donations, the account that we opened came at the request of fans of Zamalek, but we were opposed to its presence.”

He added, “What encouraged us to open the account was the checks that had already been sent before the approval to open it.”

He concluded: “We received a check from a fan of Zamalek, who refuses to be named, for a value of five million pounds, and we thanked him.”


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