Zamalek: We do not deny the minister’s intervention to solve the crises


Tariq Jibril, the current financial director of the Zamalek club, revealed that the club has been able to provide financial resources since the appointment of the current council headed by Hussein Labib, pointing out that Ashraf Sobhi, the Minister of Youth and Sports, was able to solve several problems in order to obtain our rights.

And Jibril added, in statements on the “Zamalek” screen, in the early hours of Monday morning: “We were able to provide resources thanks to the relations between the members of the council, and the division of files between the members of the council, and we also do not deny the support of Minister Ashraf Sobhi without going into details.”

Regarding the current administration’s position on new deals and the renewal file for players, he replied: “We have material problems other than the players entitlements such as taxes, insurances and value added. In the event of non-payment, the club’s balances will be seized, and the council has the intention to pay all rights.”

He continued, “The council has obligations and entitlements to players and deals in all games, not just in football. We have developed a plan and we are following it on a daily basis, not on paper.”

At the end of his statements, the financial director of Zamalek club sent a message to the fans, saying: “We promise the fans to make the utmost effort to resolve these issues.”


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