Zamalek’s apartment is Ali Babas cave… What we know so far about the case of the chancellor’s son and uncle, the former deputy


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The case of the Zamalek apartment, known in the media as “Ali Baba’s Cave”, occupied public opinion in the past hours, after news spread that it was the case for which President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi thanked the judges and enforcement officials of the South Cairo Court, and then statements were issued by Minister of Justice Counselor Omar Marwan about Forming various committees to examine and study the contents of the apartment and the continuation of investigations regarding it.
It turned out that the truth behind the discovery of this apartment was not its contents per se, but rather the existence of a judicial dispute between the former parliamentarian, Khaled Mohamed Hamed Mahmoud, and his sister’s son, Karim Ahmed Abdel Fattah Hassan, over financial transactions between them amounting to millions of pounds, as the uncle obtained court rulings to pay the required sums of money. Then, a court ordered the seizure of some of his sister’s son’s property.
Based on the address that was mentioned in the investigations to the apartment of the defendant Karim, the Sentences Execution Unit went to the aforementioned apartment to open it, to discover what was inside of the valuable movables, the photos of which were published in the media a week ago, without mentioning the legal context of it.

Legal status of the property
It is legally scheduled that the debts in respect of which court rulings are issued in favor of the aunt of the seized possessions, if it is proven that they are actually owned by the son of his sister against whom he was convicted.
However, if it is proven by the committees formed by the Ministry of Justice that these movables are not owned by the convicted person, the course of the case will be completely changed.
Where the examination will take another direction to identify the origin of the ownership of these movables, which have come under the rule of things reserved.
Especially since the collectibles include antiques, antiques, paintings, medals, medals, and jewelry, the exact quantity of which is not known until now, and it will be announced as soon as the investigations are completed.

But… what made this issue escalate in such a dramatic fashion?
The answer lies in the parties to the judicial dispute that led to the discovery of the apartment full of valuables. Likewise, the apartment itself, with its movable items, exceeded the imagination of those who saw it with their own eyes.
The first party in the case, the plaintiff, is the former deputy in the People’s Assembly, Khaled Mohamed Hamed Mahmoud, from the Al Mahmoud family famous for Rahmaniya in Beheira, and he is the son of Mohamed Hamed Mahmoud, Minister of Local Government and Popular and Political Organizations and Governor of Giza during the era of the late President Anwar Sadat.
The second party is Karim, the son of his sister Magda, and the son of the former advisor to the State Council, Ahmed Abdel Fattah Hassan, who in turn belongs to a wealthy family and has a history in Egyptian politics before the July revolution. Minister of Haqqania, Agriculture and Endowments in the twenties of the last century.
Counselor Ahmed Abdel Fattah, born in February 1948, was one of the State Council judges who are known for their competence before he chose to resign about 15 years ago and continues to work in the State of Kuwait as an advisor to the Constitutional Court and other prestigious judicial positions.
Throughout that period, Ahmed Abdel-Fattah Nader was returning to Egypt and frequenting the Zamalek apartment, which he had allocated years ago for his personal collection and inherited possessions, and he was residing in Egypt when he came to visit in another house.

What Mustafa Bakri narrated: The struggle of truth and falsehood
Yesterday evening, MP and media figure Mustafa Bakri, on his program “Facts and Secrets” on “Echo of the Country” channel, singled out 11 minutes to talk about the case, describing it as a struggle between the “right” represented by the uncle, and the “false” represented by his sister’s son.
Bakri stated that Khaled Hamid Mahmoud had taken Karim since his childhood with great care, and made him responsible for his work, and that he was surprised when he was asked to review the financial position that he had wasted millions of pounds unjustly, and he was able to obtain those court rulings to meet the debts due to him from his sister’s son.
Bakri added that the Zamalek apartment is where Karim Ahmed Abdel-Fattah normally resides – which was denied by the Abdel-Fattah family in return – and therefore he is considered the owner of these precious holdings that are financially innumerable known to her so far, and that he is currently trying to “return its ownership to his father, the advisor.”
Bakri praised the role of Counselor Adel Baabash, President of the Cairo Court of Appeal, member of the Supreme Judicial Council and Supreme Supervisor of the South Cairo Court, for his advancement to protect the right and help its owners.

The Counselor’s Novel: My Own Collection Collectibles
A statement spread on social media applications entitled “An explanatory statement” in conjunction with its publication by Counselor Ahmed Abdel-Fattah himself – who resides in Kuwait – in the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Anbaa, in which he said that all the movables kept in the apartment are “private property of him by inheritance or purchase and it was not prohibited to sell them.” “.
At the beginning of the statement, he talked about the counselor’s family, “its heritage and wealth,” and the national role of his father and grandfather. Then he went back to the aforementioned judicial advisor’s journey between Egypt, Oman and Kuwait, and then ended to talk about the legal status of the collectibles that were found in his possession. He said:
The ancient family to which he belongs and the property and collectibles he inherited from them leave no room for doubt about the legitimacy of what he possesses and keeps of collectibles, whether they date back to the royal era or others, in addition to what is known about him to all his acquaintances and friends that he loves collecting masterpieces and jewelry, and he pursues with passion He has had technical studies around it since his childhood, and he has great experience in technical fields, so that he used to use him to correct information about artifacts if something went wrong.”
The statement stated that the decorations and decorations belong to the family, as for the royal collectibles, most of them are inherited from the family, and some of them were bought by the advisor from auctions established by the state in previous times in an official manner or from those who bought them in this way, and then sold them without a ban on selling them, as well as jewelry, gold and silver works and paintings. technical and others.
The statement stressed that “the apartment has been closed for years without anyone hesitating, due to the advisor’s residence and his sanctuary outside the country for more than twenty years, which explains the tightly closed doors of the apartment to preserve what is in it of valuables. Also, most of the holdings were inherited from The family, and the rest by way of purchase since the fifties, sixties and seventies of the last century, and they are possessions that the owner did not give up and did not trade in, rather he kept them inside the country, and keeping them – as far as the owner knows – does not constitute a sinful act in itself.
He pointed out that some of the seized art paintings are inherited, and the rest is through purchase, and there is no doubt that most countries boast about their citizens possession of art paintings inside the country, and it is not justified to say that keeping them or possessing them is a sinful act, no matter how old they are, because they belong to European schools.
The statement concluded on the words of the advisor: “As for the owner of these holdings, he has continued to practice his judicial work with all honesty and integrity, and God Almighty bears witness to his dedication to his work, his love for his country, the establishment of justice among people, support for the oppressed, and his love for his legal work and the renewal of his information always through legal studies in the fields The different types of law in general and constitutional law in particular, and as much as he loves his legal work, he has been collecting artifacts and jewelry for sixty years and has been passionately pursuing technical studies around them for a long time, and he started his hobby of collecting them when he was ten years old and he used to frequent auctions.

and what?
According to judicial sources; It is scheduled to issue a decision regarding the seizures based on several things.
The most prominent of these is the extent to which the defendant’s ownership of those movables has been proven, in order to fulfill the right of his maternal uncle who obtained the judgments.
Then verifying the legality of keeping these collectibles and their access to the hands of the holder, in accordance with the Egyptian laws in force, through the committees formed by the concerned authorities to examine antiquities, antiques and gold works.
In the event that its position is proven sound, it will be returned to its sole holder, Counselor Ahmed Abdel Fattah. As for what proves the illegality of keeping it, its ownership will be transferred to the state according to the law.

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