A famous Egyptian artist retracts her decision to retire from acting (video)


A famous Egyptian artist retracts her decision to retire from acting (video)

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The Egyptian actress, Mimi Gamal, revealed that she had received an offer to return to acting, pointing out that “she agreed to the principle of returning again to acting, after retiring for many years.

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During a telephone interview with the “Massaa dmc” program, Mimi Jamal said: “I said, for a while, after my circumstances improved a little, and my daughters each stayed in her home, and I found that I could work instead of an empty base,” noting that “the offer she received to return to art once.” Another, a series, but she objected to the role.

She added: “I did not mind, but the role for me is not the one that I will return to after years. For me, I am waiting for a better opportunity than this one.”

And the Egyptian artist continued, saying: “I love acting very much, and I feel that the fish that came out of the water wants to come back to it, I want a role that remains more influential, and I stay present at the heart of the matter, and I want to stay in my place.”

About her life:

Mimi Gamal was born in the 1940s, to an Egyptian father and a Greek mother, and her real name is Amina Mustafa Gamal.

She is considered one of the oldest Arab artists continuing until now, and her artistic career began at an early age, where she played her first acting role as a child of the late artist, Imad Hamdi, in the movie “Stronger than Love” in 1953, and her second role came in adolescence, six years later, In the movie “Between the Ruins”.

Mimi Gamal participated in several minor roles in the cinema, before her real start as a professional artist, from the theater, “The Free Theater Troupe”, and then began her career as a comedian, from the TV theater teams, along with a number of the most prominent Egyptian comedy stars, and presented alongside them. Many plays were successful and famous at that time.

Mimi Jamal has nearly 500 works that varied between theater, cinema, television and radio drama.

The artist Ahmed Helmy returned her to work after her husband’s death, to participate with him in the movie “Lav and Doran” in 2016, and presented her last role in the movie “High Pressure” in 2019.

Source: dmc” + RT”


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