A foul smell came out of the apartment.. The body of a merchant was found in a state of rot


08:04 PM

Monday 26 July 2021

Books – Mahmoud El-Shorbagy:

The security services in Cairo found the rotting body of a merchant inside his apartment in the El Shorouk Police Department.

The beginning was when Al-Shorouq detectives received a report from the residents stating that a foul smell was emitted from inside one of the apartments in the department.

Immediately, a security force moved to the scene of the incident, and the body of a merchant in his fifties was found lying on his bed in a state of rot.

The eligibility of the deceased was being questioned whether there were disputes between the victim and others, investigations were conducted about the incident, and Major General Nabil Selim was notified, and a report was issued regarding the incident and the necessary legal measures were taken.

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