A gift for a Sudanese minister provokes a whirlwind of ridicule, and the latter is grateful!


During the past hours, Sudanese circles were preoccupied with a gift received by the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, Al-Hadi Mohamed Ibrahim, from the Economic Security Agency, which is a photocopier.

What sparked widespread controversy, especially on social media, was that the minister thanked the agency for the gift, only to be subjected to a wave of ridicule and criticism.

While some found the gift worthless, Ibrahim stuck to his position, repeatedly praising the Economic Security Agency.

He also said that the machine has great capabilities and performs multiple functions, adding that investors take long trips because of the lack of such a tool.

Celebrate, not laugh

He also considered, in a media statement, that it is necessary to praise and celebrate any effort that develops performance rather than ridicule.

It is noteworthy that the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation was criticized after he published a tribute to the Economic Security Agency on his Facebook page after receiving a gift from them, which was a photocopier.

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