A horrific crime to kill his sister’s brother and her husband by firing squad


Family disputes between a worker and his sister and her husband in the village of Al-Deir, which is affiliated to the Dar Al-Salaam Center in Sohag Governorate, caused the worker to shoot his sister and her husband.

In the details, Sohag’s security director, Major General Hassan Mahmoud, received a quarrel that resulted in deaths, and the death of a worker and his wife at the hands of his wife’s brother.

For his part, a warden and the investigation center of the center moved to the scene of the accident, and the two bodies of the worker’s sister and her husband were found, after they were hit by gunshots.

The research team explained that the accident took place inside the victim’s house, where they were shot inside their house by the accused, which caused their death, due to family disputes between them, and on the other hand, the security authorities transferred the two bodies to the mortuary of the Central Hospital of Dar es Salaam and the use of the forensic doctor to show the anatomical character For the bodies, a report of the incident was also released, and the Public Prosecution took over investigations into the accident.

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