“A letter of reprimand to Abi Ahmed”… The Tigray Liberation Front reviews thousands of families


05:43 PM

Saturday 03 July 2021


The New York Times published pictures and a video of thousands of prisoners of the Ethiopian army, in the streets of Mekele, the capital of Tigray region, after the Tigray Liberation Front managed to regain control of large parts of the region.

The American newspaper pointed out that many of the captured soldiers are walking with injuries, some of them light and the other need to be transported by vehicles, and some of them wear bandages stained with blood.

The New York Times pointed out that the swift defeat of the Ethiopian forces was a “stunning reflection” of the civil war that led to the displacement of nearly two million people in the Tigray region, the spread of hunger and reports of civilians being subjected to atrocities and sexual violence.

She pointed out that “the procession of prisoners is a clear reprimand to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed,” who declared in a speech last Tuesday in the national capital Addis Ababa, that reports of the defeat of his forces were a “lie.”

He insisted that he declared a unilateral ceasefire on humanitarian grounds.

A few days ago, the Tigray Liberation Front announced the control of the capital of the region, and recaptured it from the grip of the Ethiopian army.

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