A poor family in the Olympics to prevent “relationships” .. and Tokyo responds


The family of athletes in Olympic Village A lot of attention has been paid in the past days, after questioning its solidity, because it is made of cardboard.

And information has spread widely in social media, that this easy-to-break family is specifically designed so that athletes cannot use it in intimate relationships.

The rumors were based on a tweet by American long-distance runner Paul Chelimo who said the beds were made of cardboard and “intended to avoid intimate relationships between athletes”.

But the organizers stressed that these beds were “strong” enough, reinforcing their position with a video published by Irish gymnast Reese McClinaghan, showing the latter repeatedly jumping on the bed to prove this, in response to allegations in a report by the American newspaper “New York Post” that the beds are weak. Deliberately to promote social distancing.

“Beds are supposed to be against sex. They’re made of cardboard, yes. They say they are made to break in case of sudden movements. It’s fake news,” McClinaghan wrote on Twitter.

The official account of the Olympic Games thanked the Irish athlete for “debunking the myth”, adding that “sustainable beds are strong!”


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