A second scandal for the wife of the ambassador of Belgium .. hit a cleaner in Seoul


The wife of the Belgian ambassador to South Korea was not satisfied with her action, which caused a sensation a few months ago, which resonated with the police and the international media, after she hit two workers in A store in the capital, Seoul And the video clip, the fragments of which touched her husband, spread until she returned and repeated her action shortly before her husband’s return to the country.

After Belgium recalled its ambassador last May, due to wife scandal Which took place in April, leaving him a few weeks to finish his affairs, the wife returned and committed a similar act, prompting Brussels to urgently recall the ambassador to its territory.

Another video spread of the wife hitting a cleaner, after his brush accidentally touched her, last Monday.

Quick return without delay

While the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement yesterday, Wednesday, that the circumstances of the accident are “still unclear,” but a Korean local news agency had revealed that the police had arrived at the scene of the accident after reporting, but the cleaner and the ambassador’s wife refused to comment either.

Despite this, Brussels stressed that the ambassador must return quickly and immediately, given its desire to maintain excellent relations with South Korea, holding the ambassador responsible for his wife’s actions.

Lift the immunity

In turn, Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes confirmed that Ambassador Liskoher can no longer perform his job as an ambassador in a normal way after the act of his first wife, noting that it is in the interest of relations between the two countries to summon him to Brussels.

It is reported that Belgium had waived diplomatic immunity for the ambassador’s wife, after a video clip of her abusing a store employee, and considered that it was possible for Korea to prosecute her, but the police in Seoul did not press any charges against the diplomat’s wife at the request of the woman who was slapped.

The Belgian embassy in Seoul also issued an apology for the first incident on its Facebook page, which sparked outrage in the country, after the Koreans insisted that the Belgian ambassador should have made his apology in person rather than sending it online.

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