A source in Zamalek reveals Al-Duhail’s warning before contracting with Ferjani Sassi in an official letter


An official source within the Zamalek club blew up a new surprise in the case of the Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, the team player, who was announced by the Qatari club Al-Duhail in a free transfer deal for 3 years a few hours ago, despite the white club confirming the continuation of the player’s contract until the end of the current season.

The Zamalek source revealed that the club sent an official letter to the Qatari club Al-Duhail months ago to warn it against negotiating with Ferjani Sassi permanently during the current time, due to the extension of his contract with Zamalek until the end of the season, and that these negotiations affect the player’s relationship with his current club – Zamalek – due to his interruption of training since the beginning of the season. Negotiations and his refusal to participate in the matches.

The source added, that the Zamalek letter sent to Al-Duhail Club was not announced at the time, because the Qatari club did not officially announce the negotiation with Ferjani Sassi or the player announced his transfer to Al-Duhail, so the letter was sent to preserve the rights of Zamalek after the news received by the club stating that the Qatari club negotiated with Sassi, which is What the days proved to be true in the end.

For his part, Khaled Al-Ghandour, the former Zamalek star, confirmed that the Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi, the former Al-Abyad midfielder, chose his next destination after the official announcement of his move to Al-Duhail, stressing that Zamalek will have the right to preserve its official rights towards the player.

Al-Ghandour added, during his presentation of his Zamalek program, broadcast on the Zamalek Club channel: “It was officially announced that Ferjani Sassi had transferred to the Qatari club Al-Duhail in the end. To secure his financial future by moving to Al-Duhail of Qatar, who did not come to develop his technical level or raise his name technically, but he is more connected than him financially at this age. He preferred to secure his future financially, and this is likely to happen in football.

The former Zamalek star indicated that the White Castle officials have the right at this time to preserve their rights towards Ferjani Sassi, after announcing his official move to Al-Duhail Al-Qatari, saying: “The International Football Association itself on its official website confirms that the end of the football season in Egypt will be on the day Next August 26, and after the new postponement announced by the Football Association due to the Olympic team’s commitments to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the season will be extended for another additional month.

Al-Ghandour continued his statements by saying:Duhail He will address the Qatar Federation to address the Egyptian Federation to send the international card to Ferjani Sassi, which the Football Association did not do, because the system will not open before the end of the sports season in Egypt, so we are on the verge of a crisis and a legal dispute, and everyone will demand his right, whether Ferjani Sassi or Zamalek club.

Wass Al-Ghandour: “The fans of Zamalek deal more emotionally with the players at a time when the professional player is always looking for his interest only. He and his agent made his decision 3 months ago not to renew to Zamalek or respond to the officials. on me”.

He concluded: “Ferjani Sassi, before the Club World Cup, wanted to get from Zamalek Club to renew his contract, 2 million and 400 thousand euros, net taxes, and Zamalek is the one who bears the taxes,” he continued: “The Football Association, when documenting the player’s contract, obtains a percentage of the contract that may exceed 14% and Sassi wanted Zamalek to bear this percentage.” He concluded: “Zamalek with this calculation would have paid Sassi 3 million euros a year, in the three years 180 million pounds.”

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