According to the Ookla Speedtest World Report for the month of June 2021..


Egypt advances three places in the global ranking of average fixed internet speeds, jumps to third place in Africa, and crosses the 42 Mbps barrier for the first time2a4b456e-eee8-4303-b4b0-b6398bf6fada

The latest reports issued by the global Ookla Speedtest index measuring average internet speeds for the month of June 2021 revealed that the average fixed internet speeds in the Arab Republic of Egypt increased to 42.42 Mbit/s, which is the first time that average speeds in Egypt exceed the 40 Mbit/s barrier. Egypt’s ranking jumps to third place in the African continent, compared to fourth place with an average internet speed of 38.63 Mbit/s last May, and Egypt’s global ranking advanced three places to rank 91 globally, compared to 94th place last May.002fb799-d294-4eff-a1e6-d9f3df328c1f

This achievement comes as a result of the continuous efforts made by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, through plans to develop and improve the quality of the terrestrial internet in the country, which are implemented by Telecom Egypt. Expanding the international network, the main network, messaging networks, as well as the backbone network, and aggressively expanding the deployment of MSAN smart collection units based on fiber-optic cables, in parallel with raising the efficiency of the terrestrial network for all users.


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