Accusations of Muhammad Ramadan in cooperation with a pornographic film actor


The star, Mohamed Ramadan, was exposed to inspirations and productions in cooperation with the Italian actor and singer, Michel Moroni, who participated in one of the exciting films.

Ramadan had announced, through his account on the social networking site “Facebook”, a new work that brings them together, saying: “Wait soon for a new music video with Michel Moroni.”

In turn, Moroni responded, commenting on the photo that brought them together: “My love, my brother.”

But some followers pointed out that Michel Moroni had participated in the movie “Days 365”, which was classified as a pornographic movie.

And Michel Moroni, a 31-year-old Italian actor and singer, has participated in a number of Italian and Polish films, but his greatest fame came after starring in the movie Days 365 on the “Netflix” network, which plans to produce two new parts of the film based on a fictional origin.

He is also considered a professional guitarist and singer, and he released an album last year containing several songs.


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