After confirming his absence .. shirts determine the replacement of Mohamed Hani in the Al-Ahly and Aswan match


Sami revealed assistant coach shirts for Al-Ahly, for the substitute player for the team’s right-back position in the upcoming Al-Ahmar match against Aswan.

It is scheduled to meet Al-Ahly with Aswan, next Thursday, in the framework of the postponed 17th round of the Egyptian Premier League.

Al-Ahly’s trio, Mohamed Hani, is absent from suspension due to his receiving 3 warnings, and the absence of Ahmed Ramadan Beckham and Akram Tawfiq, for their participation with the Olympic team in the Tokyo Olympics.

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Komsan said, during statements on the “On Time Sport” channel: “There is a crisis in the right-back position after the absence of Mohamed Hani, but Rami Rabia can play in this position, and certainly there are many other solutions.”

He added: “Kahraba, we must help him as we did with Mohamed Sharif before, and Akram Tawfiq, who was not participating and is now participating. Today, Kahraba is trying and his level is better than the previous matches, and Marwan performed well and there are many positives.”

He continued: “These players are the ones who have achieved achievements and championships, and the fans should not walk behind a certain tone and stay behind their team and management, and we will fight to achieve the most precious league championship to our hearts.”

He continued: “The players are credited with their efforts, determination and playing to the last breath, and we promise Al-Ahly fans that we will continue to do so and we will achieve the dear championship for the fans.”

He continued: “The goalkeeper needs time to take the sensitivity of the matches, but it is credited to Ali Lotfi that he has not participated for a while, yet he saved a ball in the first half. We are all confident in him and there is no problem. The most important thing is that the team won today, and this counts for everyone.”

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And he concluded: “No player can play all matches throughout the season, Mohamed Sharif is physically exhausted and it was important to do a rotation, so we pushed Marwan Mohsen, as we also did with Hamdi Fathi, who got a rest because he was constantly participating for a long time.”

Al-Ahly won a difficult victory over El Entag El Harby on Sunday, with three goals to two, in the Egyptian League competitions.


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