After her fiery response, Hala Shiha retracts her statements about her father


And publication Hala Shiha A picture she collected with her father on her account in the Instagram application, attached to it with a comment that said: “My beloved, my dear father, the dearest of people.

This came after an attack by the retired artist on her father, in response to his statements criticizing what she had done to her colleague. Tamer Hosny, who co-starred in the movie “I am not“.

Shihas crisis had begun, after she expressed her dissatisfaction with her recent appearance in clips of a song by Hosni, which was filmed in the film that brings them together, before announcing her retirement from art, and she attacked her colleague Hosni in a post on the communication sites.

After those events, he came out Ahmed Shiha In press statements, he criticized what his daughter had done, and her comments, which many considered insulting to art and artists.

He said: “No words are true, and she filmed the movie and was very fond of it, and I don’t know what the basis of this talk is. You are my image and salvation. This is not a solution that I know.”

He continued, “Hala has never said that art is forbidden, and we are now facing a kidnapping of Hala Shiha and sad for her.”

For her part, the artist did not remain silent, and responded to her father with statements in a post on her account on “Instagram”, Sunday, saying: “The truth is shocked by what my father said about my husband (the preacher). Moez Masoudwhom I married of my own free will, and praise be to God, I found with him all the beautiful meanings of respect, masculinity and chivalry that are rare these days.”

She added: “No one kidnapped me, as my father said, and the words are never true. I love my husband and I am happy with his love for me and we respect each other. Moez respects my opinion and values ​​my feelings, and on the contrary, he always guides me.. Of course he helps me and encourages me because I am his wife and his lover.. He is much greater than all the words that I have.” It is said about him and false slanders, which is far from it.”

And she continued, “I am very upset with my father because he knows Moez very well (well) and they sit together a lot, and my father loves him very much and sees (he saw) all the best from him. Moez Zayi married 14 years of age and was stable in his life and has 3 children .. On the other hand, my outfit (like me) did not complete his marriage and divorce occurred, and we are all exposed to this.”

She concluded her post by saying: “On the other hand, I have a word for my beloved father. Your words are never true, with all due respect to you and to everyone. I am, thank God, happy in my life.”

It is noteworthy that the Syndicate of Representative Professions in Egypt criticized what it considered “attempts to go backwards by spreading obscurantist thought,” and the Actors Syndicate announced Ashraf ZakiShiha was expelled from the union.


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