After their appearance together .. a surprise in the engagement of Hassan Shakoush and Mai Helmy


The director of festivals singer Hassan Shakoush revealed a surprise in the news of the singer’s association with the announcer Mai Helmy, after the spread of a number of photos that gathered them in a restaurant.

The relationship of Hassan Shakoush and May Helmy

He stressed that all the news circulating about the connection of Hassan Shakoush Bami Helmy is unreal and baseless, explaining that they are friends and there is no connection between them, which makes all the rumors rumors.

The incident began after the announcer, Mai Helmy, appeared on an evening that she gathered with Hassan Shakoush, his sister and his sister’s son, Kamba, his business manager, and the announcer Mai Helmy, and Kamba, the director of the festival’s performer’s business, after completing one of the private parties he performed during the past days.

stirred controversy

May Helmy and Hassan Shakoush had sparked a state of controversy during the past few days, after they appeared in a well-known restaurant in the Imbaba area, and this was during a private dinner between them in the presence of the Shakoush family.

And the pictures in which the duo were present during dinner bloom, and this is what made Mai Helmy based on distributing food to the members of the table.

Live a new love story

The presenter attended the festivals singer in his own car, and this is in addition to the fact that they appeared during the exit from the restaurant while holding each other’s hands, at a time when Mai announced during the past days that she was living a new love story, but she did not reveal the identity of her lover.

Mai Helmy commented on her love story on her official page on the social networking site Twitter, saying: “Oh, Lord, I see all the people who are happy for my life. I don’t want you to be upset with me, because I will not be able to answer any questions about who is coming or who is who and how and where is enough that I shared my joy with you.” From my heart, but I learned (turn on your candle being tied), but I promise you, as soon as the right time comes, you will be happy.”


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