Ahmed Badir’s daughter escaped death after her apartment fire due to the explosion of the tech


10:51 PM

Saturday 24 July 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi

Yoga instructor Sarah Badir, the daughter of the artist Ahmed Badir, revealed, on Saturday evening, that she and her daughter survived a fire that broke out in her apartment last night, due to the air conditioning explosion.

Sarah posted pictures that monitor the effects of the fire on her Facebook account, and commented: “Praise be to God, the kindness that escaped us from peril and from the misfortune and the kindness of me and my daughter was hidden at the right moment from a big fire in my apartment due to an air conditioner explosion and we were sleeping yesterday.”

She added: “Praise be to God for every need and any need that can be compensated with your permission, Lord, as long as I and my daughter went out in peace. Keep your mind strong from the adaptations, my group, especially the two days, and do not sleep while you are operating it, and may God protect us and our families and all our children, Lord.”

She concluded: “I’m sorry for the ugliness of the pictures, but this is a ticket for me, because I always know that our Lord loves me and my daughter may, eh, a thousand praise and thanks to you, Lord.”

It is noteworthy that the last work of the artist Ahmed Badir was in the last Ramadan race of 2021 through the series “Al-Maddah” with the stars: Hamada Hilal, Nisreen Tafesh, Khaled Sarhan, Muhammad Ezz, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Donia Abdel Aziz, Hanan Suleiman, Mohsen Mansour, and others.

The work is screenplay and dialogue by Amin Gamal, Walid Abu Al-Majd, Sherif Yousry, director of photography Karim Ashour, and directed by Ahmed Samir Farag.

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