Ahmed Ezz: Synergy stood behind “Al Arif” in a big way | Video


With the release of his latest film, “Al-Arif”, the artist Ahmed Ezz made it clear that he seeks, during the coming period, to present films that are not less than the level of foreign films.

During a telephone interview with the journalist Ahmed Moussa on the “On My Responsibility” program on Sada Al-Balad channel, Ahmed Ezz said that the production entities that began to appear in Egypt are large entities, and Synergy Company stood behind the film greatly, so it was the highest budget this year.

Ahmed Ezz added that the idea of ​​the film is in line with the current era, as he talks about that the wars in the coming period will not be wars of tanks and planes, and will be wars of control over minds and thought, through what is presented in cinema and television, in addition to reading materials and social media.

It is noteworthy that the movie “Al-Arif”, written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir, produced by Synergy, directed by Ahmed Alaa El-Deeb, starring Ahmed Ezz, Ahmed Fahmy, Mahmoud Hamida, Carmen Basibis, Mustafa Khater and Hazem Ihab.


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