Ahmed Saad causes a bride to cry and leave the wedding party.. What happened?


11:24 PM

Saturday 24 July 2021

Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi

The artist Ahmed Saad caused the tears of a bride who revived her wedding recently because of his song “I Love You, My Friend”.

Saad published pictures of the ceremony through his account on the “Instagram” website, and commented: “I was singing in joy, but the joy was full of tears. And they told me, “No, I don’t sing the song (I love you, my friend), I don’t sing (I love you, my friend).”

He added: “I don’t understand what?! So I didn’t forget (I love you, my friend), and the bride cried and ran away from joy! So I sang another song, and the bride got up again and cried and gave her joy! I didn’t understand what?! What do I sing?!”

He continued: “Al-Mu’azim told me sorry, because she loved her father very much, and her father loved you with an extraordinary love, and for him you are the most important limit, and all your songs have memories with her father… and she used to sing it (I love you, my friend). The joy would have been you, and it was not the bride who brought me joy.”

He concluded: “The bride in joy all the time prays and thinks of her father and weeps. This bride taught me, I mean, what girl loves her father, and that this love is real, true, and pure, and that this father was a good man and a nostalgic father to sing from his daughter (I love you, my friend).. God have mercy on him. “.

It is worth noting that Ahmed Saad’s latest work is the song “Al-Malouk”, co-sung by Enaba and Double Zukash, and it is produced by “Gama Music” company, produced by Mohamed Jaber, and the clip is directed by Hussein Shaaban.


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