AI technology that tracks politicians’ use of their phones during parliament sessions


In Belgium, all Flemish government meetings are streamed live on YouTube for anyone to watch, but if you’ve ever watched or sat during a government committee meeting, you’ll know it’s not the most exciting event of all.


That’s probably because so many attendees will be subtly spending time on their smartphones rather than paying attention to what’s going on in the session, which is why Dries Depoorter, a Belgian artist, is using artificial intelligence (AI) to track how much meetings politicians spend on their phones.

According to the American metro site, the program uses image recognition to start searching for phones as soon as the live broadcast starts, and from there, AI uses facial recognition to find out which politician is avoiding meeting to spend time on the phone.

But Depoorter goes further, creating an automated Twitter account to publicly summon dissenting politicians for their lack of interest, tweeting concerned attendees with a clip of them checking their phones during the meeting, and responses to the project have varied, with some praising it and others criticizing it.


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