Al-Ahly and Kaizer Chiefs .. wholesale red attacks and a case of expulsion for the opponent in a negative first half


The first half of Al-Ahly’s match against Kaizer Chiefs, who currently brings the two teams together at Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca, Morocco, ended in a goalless draw. Al-Ahly seeks to crown the tenth title in its African history, while Kaizer Chiefs plays its first final in the competition.

The match started relatively quietly, and in the third minute Kaizer Chiefs surprised Al-Ahly with a strong and quick attack that resulted in a corner for the South African team, after which Al-Ahly responded by reaching Akbi’s goal through organized attacks through the left front led by Ali Maaloul, but the lack of accuracy in the final touch prevented the danger The necessary, amid weak attempts on both sides to reach the goal of the other and progress in the result.

In the eighth minute of the match, the referee issued the first yellow card to the Kaizer Chiefs players, and he deserved it for Parkes after a violent intervention with Ayman Ashraf in the midfield.

As a result of a defensive link for the South African team, Taher Mohamed Taher almost shook the opponent’s net and opened the goals of the meeting in the tenth minute, but the defender put his foot and turned the ball for a corner kick.

Al-Ahly tried to control the rhythm of the match through short passes in narrow spaces, as one of the solutions that Musimani looked through to break the Kaizer Chiefs defensive blocks.

In the 16th minute, the Serbian Samir Nurkevich led the most dangerous attack by Kaizer Chiefs, but the vigilance of Mohamed El-Shennawy kept the score indicator unchanged until further notice, while Ayman Ashraf received the first yellow card for Al-Ahly in the match after a violent intervention on the Kaizer Chiefs player, which the referee considered reckless.

Al-Ahly succeeded in building a counter-attack in the 22nd minute, after the ball was a corner kick for the opposing team, and Afsha and Taher led an offensive duet that ended in the opponent’s penalty area after Taher slowed down in shooting against the Kayes Chiefs goal.

Afsha relied on himself again and fired a powerful shot at Akbi’s goal in the 25th minute of the match, but she needed more accuracy to find her way into the South African team’s goal.

The last quarter of this half witnessed Al-Ahly resort to one of the magic solutions to break the defense blocs of the South African team by paying from outside the penalty area, so a first attempt came from Al-Sulayya, the second from Afsha, and a third from Al-Shahat was not completed.

In the 45th minute, Al-Ahly demanded a penalty kick in favor of Mohamed Sharif, who received a magic pass from Hussein Al-Shahat and touched the ball, but the goalkeeper interfered with him to prevent a real chance for Al-Ahly.

And in the minute that was calculated instead of the missed match, the match turned when the player Happy intervened in a violent and offensive manner, after which Akram Tawfiq fell to the ground, and the referee resorted to the mouse technique to expel the South African player at the last breath of the first half.

Ali Maaloul starred in the Kaizer Chiefs defenses from the left side in the last minutes of the match, but the vigilance of goalkeeper Akbi and the defense line of the Kaiser team dispelled all Al-Ahly’s attempts and kept this half devoid of goals to end as it began.

Al-Ahly succeeded in reaching the final of the tournament in 14 copies, setting a record that no African team had achieved before, and was able to win the precious title on 9 occasions, an unprecedented record as well. The Century Club is looking forward to crowning the tenth title, and strengthening its numbers this evening.

Al-Ahly, led by South African Pitso Musimani, relies on a formation consisting of goalkeepers: Mohamed El-Shennawy, the defense quadruple: Akram Tawfiq, Badr Banoon, Ayman Ashraf, Ali Maaloul, and in the middle: Hamdi Fathi, Amr Al-Soliya, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, and the attacking trio: Taher Muhammad Taher, Hussein Al-Shahat, Muhammad Sharif.

While the South African Kaizer Chiefs, led by veteran coach Stuart Baxter, will play the match with a formation consisting of, goalkeeper: Daniel Akbi, defense: Ramahlui Mavhelili, Eric Matuho, Daniel Cardozo, and in the middle: Reef Frossler, Ngabulu Bloom, Willard Katsandi, Happy Mashiani, and the trio. Forwards: Bernard Parker, Samir Norkovic, Ngkubo.

Historically, Al-Ahly met 10 teams in the Champions League final over the course of the team’s 13 finals before, namely, “Ghana’s Kotoko” teams “twice” – Sudanese Crescent – ​​South African Sundowns – Tunisian coastal star “twice” – Tunisian Sfaxien – Cameroonian cotton – Tunisian Esperance. Twice » – Orlando Pirates of South Africa – Wydad Morocco – Zamalek Egypt.

Al-Ahly won the Champions League title in two successive editions, the first in 2005 and 2006, and returned to repeat the same achievement in 2012 and 2013, and seeks to repeat the same achievement for the third time, while defending the title that he achieved at the expense of Zamalek in the last version, and over the previous 13 finals, Al-Ahly scored 32 goals and conceded 18 goals.


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