Al-Ahly contracts with a “Super” foreign wing and dismisses the inclusion of an explicit striker


Sources revealed to the seventh day that the Al-Ahly administration is close to contracting with a “super” foreign wing to support the team’s attack in the new season.

Al-Ahly’s administration dismissed the contract with an explicit foreign striker in light of the conviction of the return provided by the main striker, Mohamed Sharif, while this center will be strengthened by Ahmed Yasser Rayan after a decision was made to return to the team after the end of his loan period to Ceramica at the end of the current season.

Al-Ahly succeeded in contracting Karim Fouad, the right back of the stars, loaned to Enppi, to become the team’s first summer deal, at a time when the second deal is expected to be for a foreign wing and will be at Walter’s expense. Bwalya Which is currently being marketed, and Al-Ahly club officials succeeded in loaning Senegalese striker Aliou Badji to the French club Amiens for a season for 450 thousand dollars, with a clause allowing the French club to obtain its services permanently after the end of the loan period for one million and 800 thousand dollars..

Al-Ahly officials achieved great gains behind the deal, represented in obtaining a good amount in exchange for loaning him, and in the event of a final sale, the club would receive a large amount approaching 2 million dollars, in addition to the fact that the presence of the player is not desirable within the club from the technical side in light of The list of foreigners was completed, and Badji’s loan to Ankara ended with the Turkish Gogo at the end of the season after he officially fell to the second section, and his inability to pay the amount of one million euros, which is the value of the condition in the player’s contract, to ensure the transfer of the loan to a final sale..


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