Al-Ahly doctor reveals the date of Walid Suleiman’s return and Mohamed Mahmoud’s position on participating in the matches


Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, head of the medical staff for the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, spoke about the date of Walid Suleiman’s return to participate in the training and the readiness of Mohamed Mahmoud to participate with the team.

Abu Abla said that Walid Suleiman will organize group training within 10 days, after completing the implementation of the last phase of his qualifying program.

The head of the medical apparatus explained that Suleiman had recently performed an MRI, and his condition was reassuring to a large extent, after the X-rays revealed that the injury site had healed by a large percentage.

Walid Suleiman had suffered a hamstring injury that kept him from participating in the group training and the team’s recent matches.

Suleiman is undergoing the middle and final stage of his qualifying program to prepare him for collective participation.

With regard to the condition of Mohamed Mahmoud, the head of the medical apparatus said that the player participates in group exercises normally and is medically ready after his recovery is complete.

Mohamed Mahmoud missed Al-Ahly’s training due to a knee injury.

He gradually participated in group training after completing his rehabilitation program, and according to Abu Ablas statements, the player is now medically ready.


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